Preschtale by C-Jeff

An unexpected journey through a beautiful but troubled planet


“I found my true north in the land of shining stars,
I’m moving on my way from morning Earth to evening Mars.
I’m rising through the silence of Mother Universe,
And faith in God that helps me keep my inner force.” 

So was said about the musical tale of Preschtale by it’s creator. It was released in January 2012 by the owner of the Ubiktune label, C-Jeff. This album is a wonderful example of what I like to call evocative music with a strong narrative story. If I let my mind wander when I listen to this album, I see a story in my head about a grand and epic journey on an unknown planet. Unexpected and epic events at every turns. During my travel, I am overwhelmed by wide gamut of emotions, eager to know what will happen next. To enhance this experience, C-Jeff took a great care to ensure that the whole work seem to be one continuous entity and not several disjointed musical tracks, which could have had the effect of kicking the listener out of phase. I could go on for hour but I won’t go more into detail to let you experience this by yourself

This masterpiece was created on a DAW using a wide array of chip sounds and some live guitar solo by Danimal Cannon. This album really feels like a sequel to C-Jeff’s first and second album: Konami and Electric, as it draws a lot on the style of theses. The production quality really feels like a professional album and not an indie releases at all.

Later in 2012, the whole album got remixed by Ubiktune’s artists. The concept behind that new album was to re-imagine Preschtale by combining different parts of each tracks. It gave life to Preschtale Variation. Each artists used their signature sound to create their tracks. While giving it a different feeling, it stayed true to the original.

One thing I found out was that the different styling rendered it definitely more accessible to the common people! It’s definitely worth a listen in any case!

Since these 2 two, C-Jeff has released another album named Big Steel Wheel. I will be covering it on this blog in the future I assure you!

In conclusion, I think I cannot stress enough how much I love these albums. I have been listening to them daily since I’ve discovered them. I hope you give will them a try and hopefully buy them.