Waveform by Joshua Morse

From time to time, I plan to post reviews of old chiptunes music. Today’s topic is one album that shaped me as a chiptune listener. It is the first album I listened to that was pure chip sounds. I am speaking of Joshua Morse’s original Waveform.

In a distant past, I remember that I was browsing the web about this new and intriguing topic called chiptune music. At some point I ended up on the Pause Music page of the album. Seeing that it was free, I decided to give it a try! That was the best musical decision I took in years! I literally fell in love with it through my first listen. It’s music and the style worked so perfectly for me!

This album is first of a series of four. The concept behind the series is to re-create music using old system samples. For example, this opus was created using the sounds of the “Yamaha TX81Z, MDA DX10, and various sampled FM percussion flavors.” I will go through the album in a track by track fashion. As it is the first time I do this, I hope I won’t be too bad.

First track of the album open on a nice ambient music that reminds me of ether Sim City or A-train. I particularly like the melody that starts at the 1:20 minute mark! It’s smooth yet really interesting to listen to!

Moving onward to second track, it has a battle theme felling to it! It feels heavy and final boss’esque. It is my less preferred track of the whole EP but I must say that the climax reached at the 3:08 minute mark is absolutely stunning, one of the best of all the album! Works really well to get my foot tapping!

The third track would be the prefect menu music for an old game. It is ambient yet has a nice melody and would manage to not get boring if listened over and over. I love the fact that the rhythmic are really present. It works really well.

The fourth track is another nice track. I love how Joshua played with the panning in the whole track. It really add something to it.

Funk bump is my favorite track of the EP! This track put the emphasis on the bass line. One thing to know about FM music is how good the slap bass instrument is sounding. The groove of this track is out of this world, it is really really great!

There is 3 sequels to this albums and they are all worth checking out. I may cover them in the future of this blog. I hope I gave you the interest to try it out or to simply revisit it! It is awesome and I am looking forward to Waveform 5!