In Flux by Brave Wave

When I started writing reviews a couples of month ago, I told myself that I should write about World 1-2. It is a fantastic collection of video game inspired music and remixes. I have been putting it off because of it’s size. It simply was intimidating me. Brave Wave just released their new LP. It is called In Flux and it is a bit longer than 45 minutes.

The concept behind In Flux was to get Japanese composers to work with modern indie game composer. “East-meets-West” as they say. For example, they have paired Manami Matsumae (of Mega Man 1) with Chipzel (of Super Hexagon). The track list is absolutely phenomenal. It is quite a feat to have been able to get all those artists on the same LP!

Something that struck me about this compilation is how well it works together. Usually, to me, I tend to find compilations a little bit off putting because they usually don’t match enough in rhythm and style. The cohesion of an album to me is as important as the music itself. With “World 1-2”, Brave Wave was able to do a good job but it wasn’t as good as it is in “In Flux”. This chef d’oeuvre really do feel like one cohesive work and not a bunch of tracks put together. I think it may be due to how the album was directed than how the mastering was done! The transitions between tracks are really smooth and not mood killing at all.

I won’t review each and every tracks but I will mention my favorite: Slime Crust by Keiji & Eirik. This chiptune track that really works for me. It’s blend of style is absolutely stunning and I could never bore of listening to it. When the directors decided to match these artists together, they clearly had flair and the result shows.

Another favorite of mine is done by Lifeformed. I knew him from his previous work on Dustforce. He used his same signature style here and I am in love with this track as I was of previous works. He uses heavy ambiance paired with awesome melody to transport you to a different world. I hope he will continue writing music for games!

This album is nothing short of awesome! Since it’s creation as Koopa Sound Works, Brave Wave have been curating absolutely stunning albums! I really am eager to see what they have in bank for us in the future! I know for sure that there is a Keiji album coming up later this year. I hope I gave you the interest to check it out!